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Preparation for potentially stressful situations and environments can be very beneficial for our dogs.

Vet Hospitals can be particularly stressful with lots of foreign smells and sounds, new people and other animals - not to mention a stranger handling (and sometimes hurting) them. Dogs learn by association so giving your dogs plenty of good experiences (money in the bank) is very beneficial before you need to make a big withdrawal. Preparation for Vet visits is discussed and practiced in our puppy classes. Fear Free Vet Visit Tips: 1. Taking your dog's bed into the consultation room provides familiarity and a station (a place to be) in a foreign environment.

2. Handling your puppy regularly (paws, ears, tail, mouth) and pairing with yummy food can make Vet visits more comfortable.

3. Bringing smelly treats from home for vaccinations and/or a prepared lickimat can make it more enjoyable for your puppy.

4. Purchase an Elizabethan cone from your Vet before planned surgery and teach your puppy how to put his head in and out of the cone -in his own time -for yummy rewards. Maybe consider options other than the traditional hard plastic cone (fitted with a collar), like the Kong velcro cone or a soft fabric cone for our smaller dogs.

5. Teach your dog a trick like 'shake hands' or 'touch' so your Vet can ask your dog to perform a trick. This is a great way of building a relationship and trust.

6. Above all, advocate for your dog in all situations. Have a great day, Toby x



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