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Group Puppy Training

Package Includes:
1 x 1.5hr Online / Zoom Session
4 x 1hr Group Sessions (4 hours)


Our Puppy School is located on the outskirts of Orange NSW in a purpose-built training facility.
This provides for the environmental stimulation and socialisation so important for puppies during the critical socialisation period of 8-16/18 weeks. It also allows for appropriate interactions with older dogs in a safe and managed environment.


This course is the culmination of 20 years’ experience in teaching puppy classes and working privately with new puppy parents throughout Central West NSW. Also living in a multi-dog household, fostering, and boarding puppies. The Haven Training and Education Centre is the only location in the Orange area currently offering this comprehensive course. We incorporate fun and games into our training. This is proven to be the best way for all young animals to learn.


If you have a new puppy, I genuinely think this is the best start for your puppy.  

This course will teach your puppy to be resilient and adaptable in an ever-changing world and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be a responsible and confident dog owner.


You and your puppy will be well supported during this time. You will also have access to our private puppy FB page group with loads of training tips and lifestyle suggestions for your new puppy.

Course Schedule: 

Week 1 - Orientation and Information Session (Online)

This is currently being conducted online just prior to the commencement of face-to-face training and provides the forum to ask pressing questions prior to bringing the puppy to class.


We cover the following:

  • Basic health care and vaccination requirements

  • Puppy behaviour and what to expect during the first six months

  • Appropriate enrichment items

  • Strategies to manage normal puppy biting

  • How to toilet train successfully

  • Importance of consistency

  • Management around children and/or other animals

  • What puppy socialisation really means


Week 2 - Puppy will learn to:

  • Follow a  lure

  • Accept handling without biting and mouthing

  • Identify and respond to a marker word

  • Respond to name

  • Place his/her paws up on an item for focus

  • Trade and leave items when asked

  • Habituate to new surfaces and obstacles for confidence building

Week 3 - Puppy will learn to:

  • Perform behaviours without food in your hand

  • Nose target to hand for recall and attention

  • Sit when asked

  • Lie down when asked

  • Respond to a release cue

  • Interact with older dogs and other puppies appropriately


Week 4 - Puppy will learn to:     

  • Come when called using games and fun activities

  • Stay in position until released

  • Begin walking nicely beside you on a loose lead

  • Respond to you under distraction


Week 5 - Puppy will learn to:

  • Be comfortable in Veterinary facilities

  • Desensitise to Veterinary and health care items

  • Accept husbandry activities including nail clipping, bathing and teeth cleaning

  • Continue socialisation with new items and other class puppies


At the end of this course as a puppy parent, you will also have an understanding of the following:


  • How your puppy thinks and learns

  • How to prevent dog behaviours like digging, barking, chewing and jumping up

  • Dog Laws and how they affect you as a dog guardian

  • How to prevent boredom behaviours and provide suitable enrichment

  • How to train your dog using positive reinforcement training methods

Debi is very knowledgeable on Behavioural issues with Dogs and assisted with the planning of a great structured program to introduce a shy dog to others with easily followed instructions and noticeable results!

Luke C

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