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Private Training
Online Private Training Consultation with Debi Coleman.
Duration: 60 mins.
If you are unable to attend a group class for any reason or need help with behaviours specific to your needs, an online private consultation may be a more suitable option.
Online consultations can help in the following situations:
  • Introducing a new puppy, kitten or dog
  • Home setup and plan for new puppy
  • Preparation for a new baby
  • Barking
  • Escaping
  • Separation Distress/Anxiety
  • Over arousal around the children in the home
  • Fear of new people, animals or environments
  • Toilet training
  • Aggression with other animals in the home
  • Aggression towards human family members and/or visitors
  • Suitability of a new dog
  • Reactivity on lead and basic manners
  • Temperament assessments
  • Shift workers
We run our Online Session Via Zoom.

Debi is very knowledgeable on Behavioural issues with Dogs and assisted with the planning of a great structured program to introduce a shy dog to others with easily followed instructions and noticeable results!

Luke C

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