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Private Training
Suitable for dogs all ages, sizes & no prior training required.

Duration: 5 Sessions
(Orientation and Information Session followed by 4 x F2F training sessions)

It is natural for your dog to use his nose and this course allows him to do what comes naturally.
It is a game of scent detection, initially teaching your dog to hunt for treats or a toy and progressing to different odours in different areas.

There are a number of benefits to nose work including:
  • It tires your dog out – even the most active dog will sleep better
  • You can do nose work at home, in a class situation or on the road
  • It is a safe activity for all breeds and ages – even deaf and blind dogs can do nose works
  • You work alone so it is safe for dogs that are reactive around other dogs and/or people
  • It builds confidence in your dog as they get succeed in something and they have to think for themselves
  • It helps strengthen the dog/parent connection with your dog
  • But most importantly it is fun!

P.s. Nose work is now being used as a therapy for anxious and reactive dogs with great results. Feel free to contact me to find out more!

This course is currently being offered in private training only. Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes and no prior training required. Particularly good for building confidence in shy dogs in a safe environment.

This Program will teach dogs how to search initially for food but will start pairing with scent in this program as well

Debi is very knowledgeable on Behavioural issues with Dogs and assisted with the planning of a great structured program to introduce a shy dog to others with easily followed instructions and noticeable results!

Luke C

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