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Do you know how beneficial sniffing is for dogs?

Humans have 6 million scent receptors in their noses and dogs have up to 300 million! So much about their world is smell (olfactory).

Dogs also have a vomeronasal organ located in the roof of their mouths which helps them determine who is a potential predator and who may be a potential mate. This organ can also recognise emotional states in other dogs and animals, including humans. This may be very beneficial for our mindDogs who are very in tune with their owners. Everyday nose work like sniffing on walks and reading the Pee-mail is very important and a necessary part of the way dogs perceive their world.

The benefits of sniffing include:

  • Tiring the dog as the brain tries to identify and process different elements of odour in the environment.

  • Helps prevent cognitive decline as our dog's age by 'exercising' their brains

  • Builds self-confidence.

  • Can reduce anxiety and stress in dogs.

  • Outside sniffing has the added benefits of exercise and releasing the feel-good endorphins for both humans and dogs alike.

Letting a dog use his nose is the most natural thing in the world. It doesn't matter if your dog is deaf, blind, has 3 legs or is still a puppy, it can smell.



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