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Dogs and their diets

Updated: Feb 2

Lots of people have been asking about their dog's diets recently. There is a big push - for very good reason - to return to a more natural diet and away from packaged and processed pet foods. There are various websites and groups who are discussing the importance of this. Dogs will live longer on a more natural diet, they will have better overall health and we have also seen significant changes in behaviour when dogs are placed on a good diet. It is not as simple as throwing some food together and hoping for the best. Dogs need all the nutrients we need and will have differing dietary needs depending on age, health status, breed etc. Please do your research if you are planning to feed raw or purchase a pre-prepared good quality raw food. Lyka Pet Food is very popular and I have just been advised that clients can get a 30% discount on their first order, if you would like to try it. Please get in touch with me or you can use the promo code: THEDOGLADY Some great resources for a natural diet include: The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Shaw Becker: Conor Brady: Dr Matt Muir:


Even changing 25 percent of your dog's food over to a raw diet has proven to increase lifespan significantly. Bone broth is full of great nutrients for dogs. Recently I had chicken frames left over from chickens I cooked for training. I boiled them up and strained the broth separately. Popped the broth into food pots, added a couple of strips of cooked chicken and froze them. Voila! Dinner sorted. Debi - The Dog Lady

Dog bone broth treat


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